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Lynn Olenik
Professional leader of a non-profit animal shelter dedicated to education

Passion: Dogs…I love dogs and all animals however, dogs are my passion. I also love the outdoors, nature, being on the lake, mountains and am a National Park geek.

Ideal Traits: Extravert, open ( a bit), decisiveness


  • Theodore Roosevelt – President Roosevelt is a very historical character. I would love to eat lunch with him at his ranch.
  • Mayor Julianne – Showed what a real leader is during 911.
  • Coach Lombardi – A great leader.
  • Ronald Regan – Surrounded himself with the most knowledgeable and successful people.
  • Walt Disney – …for his creativity.
  • James Herriot– Human-Animal Bond
  • Susan Sorrentino – My favorite attorney who gets to the point without being offensive and engages devils to advocate so all sides are heard.
  • Deb Lopez – the most awesome gender fluid individual visionary and professional I have ever met. 

Values: Spouse, friends, dogs, Intelligence, community, and ambition.

Values I live by; Honesty, contributor, friendship, a quest for knowledge and giving back.

Favorite Color: Blue (teal or turquoise).

When I’m with family, friends or peers I am…. sarcastic, witty, talkative, engaging, don’t accept the status quo.

Most Memorable Things in Life: The day I picked out Sonny my dog of 16 years. Sonny was a yellow lab.

Winning Non-Profit of the Year with HAWS from the Waukesha County Executive Daniel Vrakas.

When my German Shepherd Mason passed his air scenting certification test.

Most Admired (Still Alive): Meryl Streep.- She has a lot of talent and style, managed to raise her kids to be normal and well adjusted.

Condoleezza Rice –  Condoleezza is very level headed, did a very important job in the political arena. She put her job first and politics second. Level headed, intelligent and well-spoken.

Ellen – Ellen makes me laugh.

Mayor Julianne –  He handled 911

George Bush – Then he handled the shit storm.

Proudest Moments: When I bought my own little house, made the varsity softball team when I was a freshman, went 18 miles in a kayak in Royal National Park in Lake Superior.